Hi, my name is Philip Moore.

And this is my website.


Some projects I've worked on.


This was a project I spearheaded by myself during my tenure as a 'Guest Instructor' for a high school district. I was tired of relentlessly refreshing the absence management software's job population HTML table element. For those of you who don't know, many school districts use remote absence management software to manage their employee's absences. This allows substitutes to login and 'wait' for a job to populate.

It was immediately apparent that technology could easily free user(s)—in other words, us subs—from the mundane tediosity of having to refresh the page manually ad nauseam. In under three months I taught myself python2.7 and had a working version. Aptly named 'SubGrabber', I utilized Selenium IDE as the webdriving backend framework and implemented many features.

A few of the features include:

Charter Airline Database Design

I planned, coordinated, and ultimately implemented a database that kept track of all parts required to operate an inventory of aircraft for a charter airline. Maintenance parts certification is de facto Federal Aviation Administration policy. Basically, most parts on an airplane are tracked based on various metrics (cycles, hours, and/or days). For example, if a prop hub assembly is required to be inspected, or sent out for servicing, after 500 hours of flight time then the database would keep track of this.

Aircraft part records were incrementally updated per flight time records the pilots kept and inputed into the database through forms I created. If the aircraft part was tracked using 'cycles', then for each subsequent flight the part would be incremented by however many times that part was switched on and switched off—to complete one cycle. If the aircraft part was tracked using 'hours', then for each subsequent flight the amount of flight time in the air would be summed to the running total of 'hours' associated with that record. The end goal was to produce an easy-to-read 'items/parts' coming up due report that the Director of Maintenance and Director of Operations could sift through to further aid-in-planning scheduled service for the specified aircraft in question.

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