Hi, my name is Philip Moore.

And this is my website.

A little about me

A California native, I spent my formative years (7-8 years old) tinkering away on a IBM desktop computer installed with a Intel Pentium microprocessor. I eventually built my first PC while still in High School—mostly borne out of a desire to cater to my gaming needs. And have carried on, in some sense, with technology as either a hobby or a profession since then.

Career Goals

My goals are fairly straightforward:

  1. Acquire an initial position as a Software Developer.
  2. Work with a development team on a project.
  3. Continue studying inferential statistics, differential
    equations, and machine learning.
  4. Eventually build out my skill set to be able to join a
    team working on autonomous vehicles, unmanned
    aerial systems, or—in general—robotics.


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